Andrea Farina, PhD

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Andrea Farina, PhD

Position: Vice President of Strategy & Program Initiatives

As Vice President of Program Strategy and Initiatives, Dr. Andrea Farina leads the strategic expansion and integration efforts of existing programs as well as the planning and launch of new initiatives.  She also oversees the agency’s data collections and outcome measurement work.

Andrea joined St. Francis House in 2010 and holds a PhD in sociology from Boston University, an MS in counseling from Shippensburg University, and a BA in psychology from the University of Delaware. Her professional background includes a variety of roles related to addressing poverty and economic equity issues at the individual and community level such as managing non-profit and city government programs, consulting to practitioners, funders and municipal entities, conducting research, and teaching.

Prior to joining St. Francis House, Andrea was a Research Associate at Harvard Business School, where she worked on projects related to practices in the consumer finance sector, particularly those that have significant effects on the economic well-being of low and moderate-income families.

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