Our Approach

Our guests often face a multitude of different challenges, and we recognize that these hardships are deeply connected to one another.

Our integrated service model and our centralized location in downtown Boston make a variety of essential services as accessible as possible. Rather than forcing individuals to spread out to access services they need, they can receive more holistic care in the heart of the city.

Another essential component to the St. Francis approach is our philosophy of care. Our work is trauma informed, person centered, and recovery oriented. We use harm reduction and motivational interviewing techniques to ensure our individualized and goal-focused recovery services are tailored to the needs of each unique person. We work in partnership with our guests to ensure the best outcome possible for each individual.

At St. Francis House, we aim to provide extensive, comprehensive, and compassionate care all under one roof. Our guests can find meals, clothing, showers, and medical care to address their immediate needs. We also offer mental health counseling, substance use recovery support, case management services, permanent housing, and workforce development to help actualize their long-term goals. These programs and services represent everything a person experiencing homelessness needs to find their pathway to recovery. Our guests receive well rounded, and person-centered services, in an accessible and trauma informed environment.