Our Impact

Through a continuum of internally and externally integrated programs and services that focus on the whole individual, guests achieve stability in three key areas: housing, income, and behavioral health.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Your donation ensures the physical and emotional safety of our guests. It allows us to build trust and offer choices to people who have had total control of their lives taken away. Through our person centered, recovery oriented and trauma-informed approach, we are able to offer tailored services to adults experiencing homelessness who are at different points in the process of changing the trajectory of their lives and moving beyond homelessness.

Creating Access to
Affordable Housing Options

  • Next Step & The Union. We own and manage 102 units of affordable and low threshold supportive housing accommodating individuals, most of whom have formerly experienced homelessness, in single room occupancy, studio and 1-bedroom apartments. We currently have an additional 126 units in development.
  • Housing Search. We also assist individuals in navigating the complexities of finding affordable housing in the community. Last year over 120 individuals moved into permanent housing throughout Greater Boston.
  • Housing Navigation. All of the individuals we house benefit from the assistance of housing stabilization case managers who provide individualized support to help residents live successfully and thrive in their new permanent homes.
225+ Guests Served Annually
by our Income Maximization
  • Moving Ahead Program (MAP). A testament to the enduring potential for learning and growth, this job and life skills program has enabled more than 210 classes of students to successfully graduate.
  • Benefits. In the past year, 84% of people enrolled in our income maximization programming have received non-cash benefits such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) while 9% increased their income through entitled benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), etc.
  • Individual Support. We provide one-on-one job coaching to more than 100 unique individuals each year to identify career pathways and obtain employment.

Behavioral Health Services
Accessible to All

  • Harm Reduction. Our Harm Reduction Specialists have completed 750+ interventions in the past year through daily street outreach and guest engagement across all programs within our building to offer treatment referrals, crisis intervention and peer support.
  • Clinical Case Management. Our team of clinicians and case managers support an average of 230 guests accessing our day shelter, many of whom are in recovery or are managing substance use issues, have mental health needs, complex legal histories, chronic homelessness, and trauma.
  • Recovery Support Center. Since our opening in the fall of 2019, over 1,100 guests have become members and participated in recovery-focused services in our on-site ‘Room to Grow’ peer-based Recovery Support Center.

Stories of
Inspiration & Hope

Our guests are given the comprehensive and continuous support they need in order to rebuild their lives.

“St. Francis House taught me how to be a part of the world again. I just wanted to be a human again and St. Francis House and the MAP program showed me how to do that.”

Gina White MAP Graduate & Former Guest

“I recommend that anybody who is just getting out of the system, or is homeless, or doesn’t have an education, to go to St. Francis and get help.”

Greg Smith Former Guest

“I couldn’t have done it without St. Francis House. If they weren’t around then I wouldn’t have had the resources that I needed to get to the point that I am at right now. I’m so grateful.”

Jonathan Riley Former Guest

“Through MAP, I was connected to sober, safe housing that allowed me to focus on my employment skills. Over 14 weeks, I received the proper training to re-enter the workforce successfully. I learned how to write resumes, cover letters, and I’ve been brought up to speed with technology.”

Joe Simpson Former Guest and MAP Graduate

“I don’t come to St. Francis House every day, but my heart is here every day.”

Jerome Douglas SFH Guest and Room to Grow Member

“I needed housing fast, and when it happened, it was miraculous for me. My family struggled to maintain housing throughout my life, so it meant that much more to me when it finally happened.”

Chiya Souto Next Step Resident and MAP Graduate

“MAP really is a good program, and it helps you balance out everything. I’ve seen every single person in my class get on track – health wise, job wise, and housing wise. They’re doing things they wouldn’t have done before, and they wouldn’t be able to do it if it weren’t for St. Francis.”

Tracie Calder Former Guest and MAP Graduate

40 years of service
and mission delivery.

St. Francis House has been recognized and honored on various occasions for our commitment to bettering the lives of the people we serve. In 2019, in partnership with the Planning Office for Urban Affairs, we were the recipient of Suffolk University’s Moakley Public Service Award and the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Historic Rehab Project. Both awards were in recognition of our affordable housing development, The Union.

Get Involved

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