St. Francis House believes that the creative process can foster self-awareness, personal growth, and autonomy. Our Margaret Stewart Lindsay Art Studio is a warm, welcoming place where guests can work with a wide variety of media and begin to see themselves in new and beautiful ways as they transition back into mainstream society.



Expressive Art Therapy is one of our most popular services. By exploring self-expression, participants find new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills. The creation or appreciation of art is helpful in exploring emotions, developing self-awareness, coping with stress, boosting self-esteem, and working on social skills.  Our art therapist and volunteers guide and support our guests.

Art can help guests feel empowered and realize that their identities expand far beyond their experience of homelessness.  We integrate our art therapy into our recovery programming such as our workforce development programs to help job seekers explore their career paths and build life skills.

We offer many activities such as working with acrylics, watercolors, sewing, crochet, making a mask, creating a visual journal or assembling a collage.

Our guests have shown their work in a variety of local venues and shows, including the annual City Heart show and sale.

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