Poverty and life on the streets lead to a unique set of medical concerns.

At St. Francis House, our Marie L. Arky Medical Clinic is operated on-site by Boston Health Care for the Homeless. Their physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses have the experience and expertise to treat these concerns. We are also fortunate to partner with local colleges, universities, and nursing schools, whose students matriculate through our program for their community-health clinical experience.

The clinic here at St. Francis House provides approximately 10,900 appointments per year, making it one of the busiest health care sites in the city for homeless adults. To schedule an appointment or follow-up on your medical care, please call the clinic at 857-654-1500.


We offer primary care, episodic care, preventive health services, and foot care, which is a chronic yet often-overlooked need. We assess and treat common foot problems on-site and provide podiatry referrals when necessary.

HIV testing and counseling are available once a week, and we make vision and dental care referrals.

The clinic also also provide psychiatric care, thanks to two local psychiatrists who partner with us. They, along with interns and residents from several local hospitals, help us meet this critical need.

Whole Health Care

The medical team also participates in the Whole Health Care Clinic, which is unique to St. Francis House. The Whole Health Care Clinic is a holistic, integrated system of care for patients dually diagnosed with substance abuse and mental illness. Staff from the clinic meet once a week with staff from various St. Francis House programs and a psychiatrist to assess the needs of guests who may be dealing with mental illness, substance disorders, medical conditions, and vocational and social skill challenges. This comprehensive approach ensures that guests receive the best possible care.

Get help

To schedule an appointment or follow-up on your medical care, please call the clinic at 857-654-1500.