St. Francis House recognizes the unique needs of our female guests. Our Carolyn Connors Women’s Center, wholly dedicated to meeting those needs, is a comfortable, cozy lounge where women can support one another as they begin to rebuild their lives.



Meeting women’s unique needs

We recognize the complex needs of women experiencing poverty and homelessness. Our basic services here at St. Francis House are supplemented with a secure space where women can find custom programs and pathways to stability.

Though women make up only 20% our total guest population, the number of women seeking help at St. Francis House has more than doubled in recent years, making them one of the fastest-growing groups among the homeless.

Homeless women are at especially high risk for violence, and nearly all of those who seek shelter at St. Francis House are victims of trauma, abuse, or rape. Our women’s counselor works with female guests to help them survive, and eventually move beyond, life on the streets.

Supportive Services

Through the Carolyn Connors Women’s Center, located on our second floor, guests can access basic services such as food, showers, clothing, and medical care, as well as mental health and substance abuse counseling, housing and legal assistance, and more. We also provide special programs just for women, including the annual Women’s Day of Renewal.

  • On average, twenty women stop in each day, up to as many as forty in need
  • Weekly supportive services include a meditation group, substance use disorder support, peer support, and more
  • Two computers for job-hunting, apartment searches, and services
  • One on one individualized mental health counseling support available
  • Located on the same floor as women’s-only showers and steps from our medical clinic with primary care support
  • Enrichment and educational opportunities include field trips to the ICA, Gardner Museum, and more

Contact the Carolyn Connors Women’s Center.