Recovery Support Center

Homelessness provides a significant additional barrier to recovery from substance misuse.

‘Room To Grow’

Located on the fifth floor of our 39 Boylston Street location, the ‘Room to Grow’ Recovery Support Center operates to support people who are in all stages of recovery and helps them learn to live and enjoy life on a new path.

The center is a peer-based, member-driven community launched in October of 2019. Using a peer support model, we help members heal and rebuild their lives while also striving to eliminate stigma around addiction. We strive to provide a sanctuary for those who can thrive in a welcoming and mentoring environment that promotes recovery and safety in our ‘Room to Grow’ Recovery Support Center.

We offer multiple support options and educational groups for adults who are struggling with homelessness while attempting or maintaining recovery. The program prides itself in offering a safe, non-judgmental place where individuals receive support in whatever pathway to recovery they choose. All are welcome to learn about the center and membership. Volunteers from the recovery community are encouraged to get involved.

To contact the Recovery Support Center, please email programs@stfrancishouse.org or learn more at the Recovery Support Center website.
The Room to Grow, Recovery Support Center is open:

Monday and Tuesday: 6:30am to 2:30pm

Wednesday: 6:30am to 1:30pm

Thursday through Sunday: 6:30am – 2:30pm