Neysa Johnson

Neysa Johnson

“What I love most about working here is greeting guests in the morning. A simple ‘Good morning, Darling’ really goes a long way.”

Darren Morgan

“While I was a guest of St. Francis House, I made the conscious decision to emulate the spirit that I witnessed exuding from the team here. As an employee, I am honored to be an example of that spirit to the members of the Room to Grow Recovery Support Center.”

Eddy Guerrero

“I enjoy waking up knowing that I get to come to work at an organization that does so much good for people with so little. I continue to be amazed by the kindness of our staff towards our guests and each other. Working here is perhaps the best professional decision I’ve made in my life.”

Sonya McCollum

“I’m proud to be an employee of St. Francis House and am so grateful for being given the chance to prove my ability and be successful at what I love the most: helping and caring for people! I have been here for 8 years now, and I feel I am here to stay.”

Henry Bullain

“At St. Francis House I have the opportunity to welcome people and make them feel safe. Not just our guests, but also everyone who comes through our doors.”

Carlos Alonzo

“I have never seen so much compassion and dedication in each of the people who work here; they share a single common goal: help our guests. This type of action makes me feel proud to belong to this great organization.”