#ThrowbackThursday: We miss our corporate volunteers!!!

After 27 years, Associate Director of Clinical Supervision Tim Bulla retired this month.

On his final day, staff and guests formed a Walk of Honor, lining our stairwell (6 feet apart!) from the third floor to the lobby, forming a human line of gratitude as he took his final walk down the stairs to leave the building. The staff gifted Tim a photo album of momentoes, pictures, and notes, and everyone enjoyed spending a few minutes flipping through and reminiscing on their own experiences with Tim.

“Tim has given so much to the community of St. Francis House. He has taught us all, in what he does and what he says, what it truly means to be in service to the guests we serve. We will miss him deeply and wish him the best.” comments President and CEO Karen LaFrazia

Thank you for everything, Tim! You will be missed.