Looking for a job? Don’t forget to take advantage of digital apps.

This blog is part of a series by the Workforce Development staff at St. Francis House.

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Looking for a job is always a stressful experience, and the current coronavirus crisis isn’t making it any easier. There is some good news on the job front. Many employers are hiring which we wrote about last Friday in the weekly post from our Workforce Development team. (See Finding work in the time of COVID-19). And, thanks to the digital age we’re in, there are many free digital apps available that job seekers can take advantage of to find work. They’re accessible to anyone with a smartphone, which many of our guests have in their pockets.

The workforce team has pulled together an overview of five of the most popular of these apps:

The team’s overview, which you can download here includes a brief profile of each app, with a link, as well as some general dos and don’ts for looking for a job in the digital world. (One important tip: just because you’re using an app, you still need to present yourself professionally. No out-there images or videos!)

No smartphone? No problem! While this piece focuses on apps you can use on your digital device, don’t worry if you don’t have one. Take a look at our list of resources here, or get in touch with our team:

  • Call our Front Desk: Call (617)-654-1257 and leave a message with your name and contact information and a team member will reach out to you that same day.
  • Send an Email: wfdinfo@stfrancishouse.org

Looking for a job? Download Five Free Job Search Apps – now!