#MarathonMonday: Meet Brendan Stack!

Thousands of runners from every background will be crossing the finish line of the 124th Boston Marathon® which is held annually on Patriots Day. On April 20, 2020, six individuals will take on the oldest annual marathon in the world in support of St. Francis House and our life-saving programs and services. Starting today, we’ll be introducing each one of our runners in preparation for the big Marathon Monday in just a few short weeks!

1. Start by introducing yourself.

Hello! My name is Brendan Stack. I grew up in Wayland, MA, moved to Boston to study at Boston University and have been here ever since. I currently work in institutional sales for Pacific Heights Asset Management, a boutique mutual fund company.

2.  What has been the most challenging part of your Marathon training so far?

The most challenging part of my Marathon training has been learning to listen to my body to avoid injury. I have enjoyed making running a part of my routine and building up mileage but recently have been dealing with some Achilles soreness which has led me to mix in more rest days and slow my progression.

3.  Most people would never even consider taking on a challenge like this – how & why did you decide to run a marathon for an organization like St. Francis House?

On Patriots Day of 2019, I enjoyed the Boston Marathon from the sidewalk like I have every year for the better part of a decade. I had never considered running a marathon but that day I was struck with the question, why not? I had been looking for a new personal goal to work towards and the iconic Boston Marathon seemed like the perfect feat to pursue… In addition, I had been volunteering at St. Francis House for a while at that point and knew I would love to be a part of Team SFH if I could secure a bib!

4. When did you first get into running? How does it make you feel?

I have played sports and remained active my entire life, but have never run competitively or long distances. Running regularly is something I only started doing when my marathon training began. I look forward to my weekday runs and the challenge of my Saturday long runs. I am also enjoying increasing my calorie consumption as my runs grow longer!

5.  What part of St. Francis House’s work interests you the most?

The Workforce Development programs interest me the most. It is impossible to break the cycle of homelessness without employment and it is very difficult to find a job without the necessary skills. The success achieved in the Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program (MAP), a 14-week job-skills training program, is extraordinary.

6.  Is there something about St. Francis House you wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone knew the extent of the services St. Francis House provides. It is probably most known for serving delicious and nutritious meals, but its impact goes much further than that. They also offer medical care, counseling, workforce development, housing and more. I was particularly impressed with the organization’s acquisition and conversion of The Union, a building located right across the street from SFH that now boasts 46 units of affordable, permanent housing. I think such an ambitious undertaking shows how committed SFH is to pushing the status quo of homelessness.

7. What would you say to someone who is considering running their first marathon? 

I would tell them to sign up! Even if you have never been much of a distance runner, I think committing to a race makes you immediately accountable. It becomes harder to be lazy when you have a concrete deadline on the horizon.

Good Luck, Brendan! 

Click here to support Brendan’s race to the finish line and help him reach his goal in support of St. Francis House.

Did you know you can meet Brendan, along with other Team St. Francis House runners, at Joe’s American Bar and Grill next month on April 8th at our Race to the Finish Line event? Check out tickets here!