Masks for St. Francis House

Even amidst this global pandemic, St. Francis House remains open and committed to being a refuge for our guests. Those individuals relying on our essential services at this time are the most vulnerable among us and are depending on us now, more than ever.

Over the past several weeks, we have been heartened by the kind messages of support and offers of assistance we have received from our community. Today, we are hoping you can support our efforts to keep the St. Francis House community safe and healthy by donating face masks or the materials to make them.

We are looking for donations of disposable masks and are accepting homemade ones as well. Our team has put together three informational PDFs; one explains how to sew fabric masksthe other has two methods for no-sew masks. In addition, we’ve also included a PDF on how and when to wear a face mask. 

We are also seeking donations of new materials for our team to make them. The materials that are needed are:

  • Elastic: 1/8 inch craft elastic, 1/4 inch craft elastic, hair elastics
  • Tight-knit cottons or flannel; like quilting cotton or bed sheets/pillowcases with a 600+ thread count. Cotton-polyester blends are okay too (better filtration but harder to breathe through).
  • Coffee filters

Completed masks and materials can be mailed to:

St. Francis House
Judy Coleman
39 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

To coordinate a drop-off, please call 617-654-1239 or email jcoleman2@stfrancishouse.org.

As always, we are grateful for your support of our mission to be a place of safety and comfort for our guests, and we hope you’ll consider forwarding this to your network to help spread the word.