Meet Arthur: Faces of St. Francis House

Rebuilding oneself and reclaiming one’s identity demands immense courage — an undertaking Arthur embraced wholeheartedly when he entered our doors. Wrestling with substance use issues, Arthur found himself grappling with severe financial and emotional turmoil, ultimately losing his successful clothing business, and more importantly, his sense of self. After detoxing in a hospital in Boston, he finally resolved to commit to sobriety, recognizing that his addiction had stripped him of everything. As he puts it, “Drugs took everything from me. Now, I’m slowly building myself back up.”

Transitioning through various recovery programs, Arthur found hope at St. Francis House in the supportive environment of our Moving Ahead program (MAP) — a 14-week job and life-skills program. Now, more than halfway through the program, Arthur appreciates the opportunities MAP offers and the connections he’s made with his classmates and instructor. Despite some personal setbacks and financial struggles, Arthur remains focused on sobriety, rebuilding his life, and inspiring others. “I want to inspire people, too, and show people that you can bounce back.”

Throughout his journey, Arthur consistently expresses profound gratitude towards St. Francis House and the recovery community it fosters. “Every day I wake up so grateful to be alive, comfortable in my own skin again.” Our doors and hearts are always open to him, and we’re eager to be a part of his future success.