Showcasing Our MAP Students’ Creative Endeavors

Are you ready to be inspired by the wonderful talent of one of our Moving Ahead Program (MAP) students?

In a world filled with ever-changing challenges and obstacles, this remarkable individual has harnessed their creative spirit to produce a truly captivating piece of writing. Their words are a testament to the power of resilience and creativity, offering a peek into the insightful work being created by our MAP students. This student’s work is a shining example of how, even in the face of adversity, we all have a voice and can make our mark on the world.

See below to read Kay’s piece.


“If Walls Could Talk” by Kay Calder

If walls could talk, I believe they would tell it all. If walls could talk, you would know my whole truth. You would find that what they would say for me, is not much different than the truth of you. Each wall has secrets that they hold for the ones who live between them. They have seen every tear, all the anger, each sentiment of joy; all the realities of what is true and raw, of all of the dwellers inhabiting their rooms. Paint them yellow, paint them green, paint them blue. Hang the photos, the posters, and the little things that matter to you. Keep them bare or fill them up. Either way, they know the truth no matter what.

Unique in our ways, yes this is true. You can’t be me, and I can’t be you. Our stories are our own, and nothing like one another. There’s no competition, as we all feel. So, why should we judge each other? Some people lose sight of reality these days. So many get caught up in the rat race, the social media, the constant need to showcase their lives, and highlight what’s good – even when things aren’t. What’s a little filter?…a little “I’m fine” when I’m not. Authenticity has been lost, but not between the walls; remember what they would say if they could talk. Why not be real, good or not? The pressures of society blur our vision, screw our priorities, and cause such a hard comedown when our highlight reels stop getting likes. Grinding until we are drained for the unattainable affirmation or badge of honor. What’s a raise if happiness is gone and peace is soiled? Staying somewhere you’re unhappy, with passions not coming to fruition. What if you took the pressure off, made a change, told them no? What if you could thrive being the you that flows inside? When you go back between the walls, who are you then? Be brave enough to wear your scars. Instead of highlighting what’s fake, showcase your flaws. The walls don’t critique who you are, what you do or how you look, so why should you? At the end of the day, it’s just you and the walls, so why not be true?

Life is short, with so much to do. There’s no time left to waste. Quality of life is everything if you think about it. Who cares what they think? They’re not living in your body, walking in your shoes. What are you grateful for? What makes you shine? How can you enjoy a moment if you’re too busy recording it and correcting everything you see as a flaw? Capture the moment, just don’t lose the time you have in it while you’re posting it for everyone else to look. What is on your walls? Are they yellow, are they green, are they blue? All that matters is the you between them. Be that you, let them see, don’t care what they think. Post for you, not for them. Remember the walls. What would they say if they could talk? Live the rest of your life to the fullest, as the most genuine version of you. That’s the best you can do.