Spending the 2019 holidays with St. Francis House

Thanks to acts of kindness through donations, we were able to provide our guests with wonderful gifts this holiday season.

The week before Christmas, St. Francis House gifted over 300 brand-new backpacks complete with heat-insulated hats and glove sets to each of our guests. In addition, we distributed gifts to residents of Next Step Housing, The Union and the Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program through generous contributors of our Holiday Gift Drive.

The following day, the Women’s Center held their annual party with over 70 ladies in attendance, enjoying catered Italian food and time to relax with friends. The women received gift bags, played games, and shared moments of laughter with each other.

On Christmas Day, St. Francis House welcomed Cardinal Sean O’Malley and musical accompaniment for a special Christmas Day celebration including a prayer service, carols, and a holiday luncheon on Wednesday, December 25, 2019.


More than 350 of our guests were served restaurant-style with assistance from over 50 volunteers. The meal included 160 lbs. of stuffed chicken breasts, 145 lbs. of mashed potatoes, 100 lbs. of green beans with almonds, 75 lbs. of cranberry walnut salad, 60 gallons of apple cider, 770 rolls, and 84 assorted holiday pies!

The Cardinal’s annual visit has long been a highlight for St. Francis House guests who look forward to meeting and spending time with him. Cardinal O’Malley has been coming to St. Francis House on Christmas for over 15 years.