St. Francis House Partners with Atrius Health to Facilitate Mock Interviews


As part of our workforce development programming, we offer individuals the opportunity to enroll in our Moving Ahead Program (MAP) – a 14-week job and life-skills training program for individuals who have experienced homelessness. MAP helps students learn to identify, pursue, and succeed in careers that match their abilities, skills, and work values. An important piece of this program is the mock interviews that take place between participants and volunteers who have careers in human resources and recruitment.

Volunteers from Atrius Health have been a staple for ensuring participants receive useful feedback and guidance in navigating the interview process. As leaders in nonprofit healthcare, the staff at Atrius Health are committed to the vision of transforming care to improve lives. This commitment carries through to their volunteerism and partnership with St. Francis House. MAP graduate Richard Hanlon states, “Atrius Health gave me insight into what companies look for in candidates during an interview. They provided me with excellent feedback on how I could improve my interviews in order to get hired.”

Atrius Health’s Executive Director of Strategy, Marketing & People Development, Keith Murphy, describes how he and his team of 4-5 volunteers try to provide the perspective of potential hiring managers and give students a chance to practice and overcome their nerves. MAP participants often ask questions about the types of answers they should give and what questions they should ask. For example, some ask how their background could affect their potential to be hired. Keith and his team often recommend delivering answers that are honest and truthful, but also puts their best foot forward.

Our staff are always appreciate of having the perspectives of professionals working in different industries. St. Francis House’s Employer Relations Specialist Dave Champa states, “Atrius Healthcare has been wonderful to work with. They take the time to get to know students and spend extra time with them to explain how they can improve on their interviews. They also answer any questions clients may have. As a result, every person interviewed always feels better about themselves and more confident in interviewing.”

We are grateful for these opportunities to build connections among our guests, staff, students and volunteers. For everyone involved, it is inspiring to see people who are dedicated to bettering themselves and rebuilding their lives by finding a career that is meaningful to them.