October 21 Marks First Anniversary for Recovery Support Center!

A message from Recovery Support Center Program Director Efrain Lozada: 

I want to take a moment and send my deep appreciation for all of the staff at St. Francis House, and to our community for the support you’ve given the Recovery Support Center since we have opened.

October 21st will mark the 1-year anniversary of the Center, and it’s fair to say that we have accomplished something that I can only call a miracle. An extraordinary miracle because every day that I walk into the Center and see familiar faces, the faces of our members who have come here once with so much pain and despair…  Now, they have a light in their eyes. That is nothing short of a miracle.

My vision for the Center was always big, but to be honest, it’s the members that have made it larger than life, they’re the ones who made this space into the harmonious refuge you see today. This past year, we:

    • Established a 5-person membership committee that meets weekly to bridge a connection between staff and members of the Center,
    • Implemented several weekly support groups including an all-recovery meeting that focuses on different recovery pathways, a men’s support group, and a women’s support group.
    • Started a morning check-in with announcements, resource information, and space where individuals can talk about their night and start the morning on a good note,
    • And opened a Women’s Only Recovery Lounge.

There have been hurdles to jump and frustrations to deal with, especially when we were hit with COVID-19 only a few months after opening, but we made it — and it would not have been possible to do without the help, love, and support of our community.

Today, just a few days short of our 1-year anniversary, the Center stands on a solid foundation built with determination, tenacity, compassion, and the desire to recover from addiction and homelessness. We feel honored to be a part of St. Francis House, surrounded by many amazing programs and staff who are doing great work — connecting people in need with whatever they need.

Thank you for your support this past year, and for the hope and faith, you give the members of the Recovery Support Center as part of the St. Francis House community.